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Sirius Black: "No, no, but believe me, they thought Voldemort had the right idea, they were all for the purification of the wizarding race, getting rid of Muggle-borns and having pure-bloods in charge." Orion Black (1929 – 1979) was a British pure-blood wizard.He was the only son of Arcturus Black III and Melania Macmillan.Artemis, not realising what her brother was making her do, shot Orion in the head.

She created her own independent channel following the success of Orion And Sam. Kreacher did not mention him in his recounting of Regulus's death, but considering the great influence that Walburga had over her house-elf and younger son, that could mean nothing.Orion died two years before Sirius was falsely accused of mass murder and thrown in Azkaban.His relationship with his younger son Regulus was better due to their shared beliefs in wizarding supremacy, and Sirius believes he was proud when Regulus joined the Death Eaters.Kreacher wasn't as devoted to Orion as he was to Walburga, but he remained loyal enough to him after his death to try and save his ring and to kiss his trousers.

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Orion erected a vast array of magical security measures on the house while he lived there.

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